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Use a CMA to Price Your Home for Sale
If you've made the decision to sell your home, you are probably wondering how to begin the process.  
Selling your home can be an exciting venture, but an overwhelming one if you're not equipped with the best strategy.

One of the best tools available to sellers is a comparative market analysis. Our team at wants nothing more than to help you achieve success in marketing and selling your home quickly in the South King County area. Ultimately, you decide the listing price of your home, however, a comparative market analysis prepared by our real estate professionals will help ensure that your asking price is in line with the current market.

What can a comparative market analysis do for you as a prospective seller?

The analysis comes in the form of a report and provides valuable information regarding pending and recent sales of homes comparable to yours in the area. An informed seller is a smart seller. Setting your asking price too high may lead to the disappointment of having your home sit idly on the market for a long time and having to adjust your price more than necessary. The value you place on your home considering its size, location, amenities, and upgrades simply might not be in line with other homes currently selling in your area. It's far better to understand the market before you list than months or years later.

On the other hand, you certainly wouldn't want to price your home too low for interested buyers. It's ideal to have your home sell quickly, but not at the expense of settling for far less than it is worth. After all, you deserve a fair and satisfactory selling price for your property. Much like a snapshot of recent and current market trends, the CMA allows you to see the facts and figures associated with what buyers are willing to pay for what you have to offer in the South King County area. The real estate experts at strive to help you get the best price possible for your home, and are here to assist you by preparing your comparative market analysis and showing you how it can make an effective difference in deciding on a selling price.

As a homeowner serious about selling, you might invest in an appraisal to attain an official value of your home as a starting point, and spend some time both researching and visiting comparable homes on the market in your area.

Contact today, and let's take the first step in getting your home sold!


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