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Home Ready for a Quick Spring Sale
If you are planning to sell your home this spring, start preparing now. Timely planning will help ensure that your house is in tip-top shape before its first showing. If you are selling a home for the first time, consult our Sheri Goldman team for guidance on selling your home. Here is our 5-step plan to help get you started.

  1. Declutter Your Home
    Remove larger pieces of furniture from your home before putting up the FOR SALE sign. Oversized couches, tables, and numerous chairs will make your interior space look congested. Removing these pieces will give the house a more spacious look.

    Every home has random clutter. However, the excess stuff such as shoes in the hall, magazines on tables, and old devices can be a turn-off for the potential buyers. They might assume that the house is too small for their needs. Therefore, you should ensure the interior space is minimalist before the sale.

  2. Depersonalize the Space
    Your colorful rooms might be your greatest pride, but the buyers might be unable to imagine their lives in the same space. So, you should take some time to repaint your walls before the spring selling season. Choose warm neutral colors for universal appeal.

    Don't assume that your décor will appeal to every buyer. Most people prefer to imagine homes they are considering as their own before making a decision on a purchase. So, it's best to remove your quirky, eclectic, religious and political décor before putting it on the market.

  3. Improve the Landscape
    Your outdoor space will influence the opinion of numerous buyers. Therefore, you should ensure that your yard is presentable and appealing. You should clean out any old debris and clean out your gardening space. If there are stumps on the land, consult a professional for removal.

    The hardscape of your home's exterior should also be cleaned thoroughly for a fresh look. You should obtain a pressure washer for the removal of stubborn stains and settled grime. If the driveways and pavements are damaged, you should consider performing quick repairs.

  4. Improve the Roofing
    Your home's roofing can cost you a sale. This structure is critical because it is intended to provide protection. If the potential buyers suspect any anomalies, they will not consider buying your home. Therefore, you should hire a roofer for early inspection and repair.

    You should clear out old leaves and debris from your gutters. Then, you should wash out the channels with a hose. When cleaning these elements, you should check for leaks and loosening. Carry out repairs immediately to avoid future sale complications.

  5. Perform Thorough Cleaning
    You should wash the interior and exterior surfaces of the home in preparation for the sale. You should pay special attention to the bathroom, kitchen, windows and the siding. Numerous individuals will judge the house by evaluating these features

    Finally, you should clean appliances such as the grill, stove, and grills. The buyers understand that these units can be cleaned with ease. However, they might be influenced negatively if they notice accumulated grime.

Selling a home during the busy spring selling season can be challenging. Therefore, you should the Sheri Goldman Team for expert real estate help and advice.


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