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Protect Your Home's Value
Owning a home takes time, effort, and care – you're sure to find yourself thinking about things you never considered before. Take your home's rain gutters for example. They're so easy to forget, but the truth is your whole house could depend on them.

The purpose of rain gutters is to stop water from pooling and collecting on your roof where it can cause damage. When gutters are clean and well-maintained, they let rain water run off freely. With proper landscaping, water is deposited safely away from the house.

But that's only part of the story.

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5 Etiquette Tips for Buyers Attending an Open House Open House Guide

Attending an open house is an excellent way to see what neighborhood homes are available in a low-pressure way. By touring a number of open houses you can whittle down your home search before scheduling an official showing with a REALTOR®.

If you are new to home buying, take some time to get to know these basic open house etiquette tips from our team at

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