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Getting rid of "stuff" can be a tough task for home sellers. Use our 10 tips for decluttering to prepare your home for sale. 

Sell Your Home Declutter

If you're getting ready to sell your home, chances are you've looked through your house and said, "I have way too much stuff. It's time to get rid of some of these things."

Getting rid of extra "stuff" is sometimes called decluttering.  When you're getting ready to sell your home, decluttering is important because it makes it appear more spacious with lots of storage space.  A clean, neat and well-organized home makes potential buyers feel as if they can easily fit all their belongings into your house.  We've put our heads together at to create a list of 10 things to get rid of today to make selling your home easier.

  1. Clothes That Don't Fit - Clothes that don't fit don't need to be in your closet. If you're really trying to lose the weight to fit back into them, or are saving children's clothing for a sibling eventually to use, then store them in a storage facility, but not in your home.
  2. Reading Material You Don't Read - Everyone has a collection of magazines or books that they really just don't want to read. Why keep these things? Get rid of them to make your home more spacious and your life simpler.
  3. Broken Items - Unless it's an incredibly important memento, or something you are going to fix right now, don't keep broken items. This includes large items, like appliances that don't work, and even the smallest items, like pens that no longer write. Go through your home, and if something is broken, get rid of it immediately.
  4. Toiletries You Don't Use - Most bathrooms are filled with toiletries that are no longer of use or benefit. Lotions with a smell you don't like, outdated makeup, shampoo that you stopped using - all of these items can be tossed to make your bathroom more spacious and inviting.
  5. Games with Missing Piece - Sure, you might find the piece while you are moving, but do you really need to hold on to the $10 game that has been missing pieces for months? No. The same is true for puzzles. Also, toss any puzzles that your children have outgrown or have not touched for months.
  6. Chargers for Items You No Longer Have - Don't hold on to the charger for your iPhone from 2008. If you get a new phone, you'll get a new charger. If you have chargers or power cords, and they don't have a device to charge, toss them.
  7. Coffee Mugs - Yes, you need coffee mugs, but these are items that seem to multiply like rabbits. Don't keep more coffee mugs than the total number of people you would be serving at one time in your home. Toss the rest.
  8. Out-of-Date Items - Food, medication and many toiletry items have sell by or use by dates. If an item is out-of-date, toss it. You really shouldn't be using it anyway.
  9. Old Paint - If you have paint cans lying around that don't match the colors in your home, dispose of them. Keep in mind that you can't throw cans of paint into the garbage, so contact your waste disposal company to find out how they recommend you dispose of paint, and follow the guidelines.
  10. DVDs or CDs You Won't Listen to or Watch - If you have a DVD or CD collection, and know you won't be listening to or watching some of them again, get rid of them. If you're listening to music via mp3 primarily, then toss all of the CDs. They take up space, and you don't need them. blog banner

Decluttering is the first step of staging and selling your home, but there are many other things you can do as well. If you're thinking of selling your home in the Kent, WA real estate area, contact for expert advice about preparing and listing your home for sale.

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