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10 Tips to Help Kids Cope During a Move

10 Tips to Help Kids Cope

Moving into a new home is one of the most stressful things an adult may have to do; however, when children are involved, relocating becomes overwhelming. That's why we've created this list of "10 Tips to Help Kids Cope During a Move."

1. Talk to your family

It's a good idea to prepare children for the changes that are about to occur well ahead of time. For younger children, read age-appropriate books about moving to a new home. Talk to them about the process and explain what they'll see and do. Find positive ways to reinforce the good things that will happen from their move.

2. Plan your move early

Plan your move as far in advance as possible. Make moving plans early, pack in short

3. Keep the kids involved

One of the best ways to keep kids involved during the moving process is to allow them to house hunt with you. If it is not possible to physically see their new home, show them pictures of listings online to keep them involved. Take their feedback into consideration.

During the packing and moving process, allow each child to have a responsibility during the move. Pack and label a few boxes. Design their new space by writing a story or drawing ideas.

4. Create a memory book

Encourage your child say good-bye to their old home by creating a memory book. Let them take pictures of their favorite things about their old home; create a journal or even a scrapbook. If you're moving a farther distance away, make an address book to fill with the names and addresses of friends.

5. De-clutter with the kids

Work with your children to sort through toys and personal items they no longer use. Encourage them to donate the items to children in your area that may not have as much as they do.

6. Have a contingency plan

You may find unpacking and re-organizing impossible without the help of family, friends or childcare. Give your children alternatives while last minute details are being completed. This may include playing with a bag of new toys, renting movies they've never seen, or playing a new game.

7. Throw a party

Celebrate this big life event by throwing a going away part. It's a great way to create lasting memories from your old home. Let your children help plan the event.

8. Continue with family rituals

After you have moved into your new home, continue with family rituals to help your kids feel at home in their new place. If Friday was pizza in our pajamas night in your old home, continue the tradition after the move.

9. Assemble a moving day bag

You should plan ahead for the day of your family's move by packing a moving day bag. Include items in the bag that can be easily retrieved to make your child happy: favorite books, toys, snacks, a favorite CD or DVD, a change of clothes, and bath and bedtime necessities.

10. Take the time

Take time to discover your new neighborhood with your children. Don't rush to unpack too quickly. Work together as a family to turn your new house into a home. blog banner

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