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5 Benefits of Buying a House

The decision to buy a house is a choice to invest in your future. Not only does it provide you a safe, comfortable place to live and raise a family, the four walls and a foundation you choose to make your home can provide a solid financial foundation for you to build your dreams upon. When it comes to home ownership, we've compiled five of the most important benefits of buying a home.

1. A home typically appreciates in value

Real estate prices increase over time. Sometimes the increase is slow, sometimes it's more rapid. This evens out over the long-term and the value of a home 5, 10, 20 years from now is almost certain to be worth more than it is when you purchase it. When you go to sell your home, chances are you won't have to pay capital gains on the sale which means that your home is as good as money in the bank. In fact, all those years of mortgage payments will go right back into your pocket and not be filtered away into the pockets of your landlord.

2. A home is full of write-offs

Home ownership is full of tax write offs. You can deduct mortgage interest, eco upgrades, property tax, and many other costs of home ownership from your tax bill. The result is that you can end up saving a considerable amount of money simply by owning and taking care of your home. These are deductions that simply aren't available if you continue to rent.

3. Buying a house creates stability

Buying a home gives you interest within the community. It's a way of saying "I love this area and I want to make it better." When you find the perfect place to live, it provides a comfortable and stable place for you to raise your family, gather with your friends, and create the life you want to live. These intangible assets enhance your life and create a comfortable future for you and your family to enjoy together. This improves everyone's health and well-being for years to come.

4. A home is a piggy bank

Jr. needs braces? Jenny got accepted to Harvard? When you need money to pay for life's surprises and opportunities, a home equity loan is a great way to get fast cash to cover these expenses. It's like borrowing money from yourself at a low interest rate. In fact, when you use a HELOC to cover these expenses, you can stretch your dollar further and boost your credit rating at the same time.

5. Buying a house is a stepping stone

Maybe you can only afford a starter home, or maybe you are looking to take the next step to owning the mansion in the hills. Whatever your future goals for home ownership, buying a home today can help you get there. As you strategically use your home's appreciation and the equity you build up over time, you can take steps towards living the dreams that you have for the future. blog banner

Buying a house in King County, Washington is a step towards a healthy, stable, and bright future. When you're ready to buy real estate in the area, contact Our team can help you navigate the local real estate market and help you find the perfect home that fits your vision for the future.

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