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Mortgage 101

Home Loan Buying House

Most people get their introduction to mortgages when buying a house for the first time. The process can be intimidating, seemingly endless and fraught with opportunities for mistakes. Preparing yourself with a bit of knowledge about getting a mortgage can make all the difference in your home-buying experience.

Here are some basic facts to help you avoid the pitfalls of securing financing for your new home.

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Benefits of a Pre-Inspection Before Selling Your Home

Sell Home Inspection

One of the challenges when selling a house is that most of us don't build or repair homes for a living. In other words, the average seller isn't in the best position to identify the types of potentially serious underlying issues that can ultimately derail a sale. That's just one of the many reasons why having your home pre-inspected is a great idea if you're planning a sale. In addition to helping you avoid unwelcome surprises, a pre-inspection gives you the necessary time to fix any issues that might otherwise detract from your home's value on the open market. Our team at has all of the details.

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