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first time seller

At some point, you may decide to sell your home. This is a big step in your life as a homeowner, but selling a home requires a very different approach than buying your first home did. The biggest difference that you may notice is that you have far more control than you did during the buying process. You're in charge of getting the home ready, setting a price and considering offers. To help get the best results from selling a house, keep these tips in mind as you prepare for the sale and go through the selling process for the first time.

Leave Emotion Out of the Equation
It's very important not to let your attachment to the home color the decisions you make about selling it. It's especially important to be impartial when deciding on a price and staging the home for sale. Look at your home through the eyes of a potential buyer. Make note of particular aspects that are attractive, as well as those which could use an update. If you have trouble doing this on your own, enlist the help of friends and family, as well as an experienced realtor, to get a more comprehensive view of what your home has to offer to prospective buyers.

Set a Fair (but Negotiable) Price
Be careful about setting a price that's either too low or too high. Make sure that you leave a little room for negotiations, too. Setting your home at the rock bottom price you're willing to accept may hamper your ability to accept a variety of offers, just as setting it too high may intimidate potential buyers who are comparing similar homes in a specific price range. Prices that are too high may also impair your ability to sell your home quickly, and result in delays if the price must be reduced.

Make Repairs and Upgrades
The appliances that are being included in the sale should work properly, as should the heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems, and any other systems included in the home. Keep in mind that any repairs you make should help sell the home, but shouldn't cost more than they'll net you in the sale.

Stage the Home Properly
Good staging means getting rid of clutter and sprucing up the interior of your home with complementary accents and a welcoming atmosphere. A home that's staged well gives buyers a clean palette to work with, so use neutral colors and avoid eclectic or kitschy touches. Use minimal furniture and wall décor to make the rooms appear as large as possible. Keep it simple and clean, and buyers will be more easily able to impose their own imaginations onto the space.

Improve the Curb Appeal
Keep the lawn trimmed, plant some vibrant flowers, give the home a fresh coat of paint or ensure that the siding is clean, and make the exterior of your home as appealing as possible. Great curb appeal leads to increased interest, and can help draw in more potential buyers.

Work with an Experienced REALTOR®
This is perhaps one of the most important pieces of advice for first-time home sellers. Selling a house is complicated, and an experienced, local real estate agent can be invaluable. If you're in the South King County area of Washington, contact our team at to talk about selling your house.  We live and work in the local area and have expertise in buying or selling homes in Renton, Maple Valley Briarwood The Highlands and more. blog banner


Commute Time Matters When Buying a House
You've heard it a thousand times when it comes to buying a home.  The three things that matter most in real estate are: location, location, location.  Quality of life, entertainment, schools and career opportunities are all connected to a home's location.  One of the most important questions  to ask yourself when you're searching for a new home is "How long will my commute to work be?" 

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