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Date Archives: September 22nd, 2016

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Moving Mistakes People Make

A Survival Guide for Moving Your Home

Moving can be ... well, let's just say a real pain.  Lack of planning can cause hassle and unnessary stress. We've put together this survival guide for moving your home so you can avoid some of the most massive moving mistakes people make.

1.  You Wing it or Worse--DIY

Even a move across down takes some planning. If you think of yourself as a DIY-er ... don't do it when you're moving. You risk personal injury or damage to your household goods which ultimately costs more in the long run.  Allow plenty of time to research how to move and learn about everything involved.  Make a list of all the questions you might have and interview movers before you decide.

2.  Failing to Clear the Clutter

Whenever you move to a new home, it is best to go through your belongings and donate or gift any items that you do not really need. There is no point in packing and taking things with you that you have not used in years. Think "reuse and recycle". Donate items that you no longer wear or use or hold a garage sale. Purging unused items will save you a lot of time and even money in the long run. You will not need to try to figure out where to put everything or pay for moving things that you do not really need.

3.  Not Researching Local Schools

Good schools are very important whether or not you have kids. Houses that are located in good school districts tend to sell quicker and for more money. This is important should you sell your home sometime down the road. In addition, communities located in good school districts tend to have more amenities. Therefore, if you are considering home ownership, do some online research ahead of time to find the best school districts in the community that you are considering moving to. 

4.  Forgetting to Label Boxes

Don't forget to label each box on top and on a minimum of two sides with the boxes' contents and in which room it belongs. Use a large permanent marker so your writing is easy to read for whomever ends up carrying the box.

5.  Not leaving enough time for your things to arrive

It can take a long time to get things organized for a move. To avoid a last minute panic, do not plan for your things to arrive immediately before you want to be in your new home, especially if you are starting a new job, as well. It can take a while for all of your things to arrive at your new home. Weather delays and road shutdowns can throw your timeline off. Therefore, add a bit of a cushion into your schedule to plan for these things.

6.  You didn't check on insurance

Do not forget about insuring your belongings before the move. No matter how carefully you pack, accidents will happen. Hence, check out options for insurance before you move. This will help you rest assured that your new flat screen television will be covered against any unfortunate damages.

7.  Not Taking Time to Prep Your Pets

If you thought moving was stressful on you, what about your pets? Try to keep their routine as normal as possible before, during and after the move.  Schedule a pre-move vet visit for booster shots and any needed medications.

8.  You Didn't Back Up Your Computer

Prior to your move, make a back up of your computer.  It's a good idea to make copies or scan paper documents like insurance forms, tax returns, birth and marriage certificates for safekeeping. blog banner

If you are in the market to buy or sell a home in the South King County real estate area, contact today.


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