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Buying a House Open House Tips

Open houses are an excellent opportunity to find out more about the homes you're interested in. Not only can you walk through and get an overall sense of the place while inspecting it firsthand, but you can also ask questions to the hosting agent as they come up. The ability to ask those questions when they pop into your head is nice; however, it's also essential to have some planned. If you are going to visit open houses in the near future, here are five questions you should make sure ask, and why the information is helpful for you.

#1 Are there any offers on the home?

Before you fall in love with a home, make sure you know where you stand. Are there already active offers? How many offers have been made?  This question is crucial for many reasons. If an offer has been accepted, they are probably well on the way to inspections and financing. You never know what will happen—offers fall through—but it wouldn't be wise to count on that particular house. If offers have been made but the homeowner won't be looking until that evening, you have the chance to get your offer on the table as well. Using an experienced REALTOR® in the situation of multiple offers is preferable, especially if you are determined to buy a specific house. You'll find many real estate agents are happy to let you know the offer situation, especially if it means the price could get driven up.

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